BBA - Business Administration

Administration of business towards success is a daunting task in the midst of cut-throat competition and rapid economic, political, technological and social changes. Risk-taking and innovation are very much part of successful business endeavour now-a-days. Towards this journey, we offer B.B.A Course with uniqueness, in the sense that, we sharp our students’ mind with the skills needed for diverse successful business models through a series of business workshop, conducted by the key management personnel of reputed business corporations. These workshops fine-tune and unearth the entrepreneurship and business skills in students. Moreover, regular visits to the various business houses and industries help the students gain more expertise in the art and science of business administration. With the support of our able faculty, the students can find and acquire the right knowledge mix of business both in theory and in practice. The students are given various business propositions during the course of study and made to critically evaluate the pros and cons of these propositions. Apart from this, we make our students embrace civic and social sense when they undertake business ventures.

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BBA - Business Administration


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