"If everyone is moving forward together,
then success takes care of itself."

Welcome To Everyone


"The journey of a thousand
miles begins with a single step."

Our College has already initiated various Attitude developments, Skills development, Personality development and other related programmes to prepare and motivate the students physically and mentally strong enough to confront the interviews with confidence. Aksheyaa College of Arts & Science has signed Memorandum of Understanding with many Institutions and reputed companies.

Our academic calendar has been devised in such a way to provide sufficient time to cover all these aspects. Our faculty members are also well equipped themselves to help the students to reach their objectives and goals. Out of my experience and exposure in many fields, I strongly believe that Hard Work is the main mantra and medicine for every success which we imbue in every student.

Another important point is that the responsibility of the parents is equally important as of the teachers’ to mold the student future of the wards. Please be Participate and watch in their day-to-day activities and encourage them as and when required.Through this website,I advise the students to work very hard until get success.
Thankyou Very much.