B.COM - Accounting & Finance

Finance is the life force of business. The prudent management of finance chiefly rest with the finance manager. Here, the course B.Com (Accounting & Finance) comes into play. We offer this course to hone the finance management skills of the students. Apart from the prescribed University Curriculum, we nurture the finance sense in our students through invited talks periodically, given by the captains of financial sector. By interacting with the students regularly, these captains create awareness of various skills needed amongst the students with respect to efficient management of finance in a business. The academic programme designed by our well-experienced and qualified staff team paves the platform for the students to learn, practice and master the various techniques of finance administration and its accounting. It is mandatory for the students to visit diverse corporate and finance houses to experience the practical side of finance administration and control, during the course of the study. As a part of social responsibility, we train the students in the areas of human relationships, stress management, team work, sensitiveness to ethical and moral values etc., to make them true accounting professionals with a social responsibility and concern.

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B.COM - Accounting & Finance


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